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Wings Over Scotland

And finally… #15

Posted on February 10, 2013 by

EXCLUSIVE! Wings Over Scotland discovers that after studying a number of secret UK Government documents the BBC is resigned to a Yes vote, has already removed Scotland from all its maps of the “United Kingdom”, and is preparing to replace the whole of BBC Scotland with Jeremy Clarkson after independence.


Eggheads is going to be a bit different.

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25 to “And finally… #15”

  1. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    Funny enough, I commented on the map when the program was on, but didn’t notice Jezza…lol


  2. Tris says:

    We are in good company being left out. Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and The Vatican, Liechtenstein, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, Norway, Sweden and Finland are also missing. The richest countries in Europe.


  3. Ron Wilson says:

    Denmark part of Germany too …


  4. ianbrotherhood says:

    It IS funny though – Clarkson’s head being exactly where it is – they must’ve measured it up just-so. No way it’s accidental. He’s made a lucrative career from being a wind-up merchant and is very very good at it – we should be prepared for some hard-core baiting from him and his ilk in the months ahead. Could get tasty…


  5. MJB says:

    Clarksons head is bigger than that,they must be using that Weather map technique.


  6. Chic McGregor says:

    Note his mouth is still in England. :)
    P.S. and his brain.


  7. CameronB says:

    @ Chic McGregor
    A bit further south than that, possibly northern Spain. Hammond’s eyes still look like they are spinning. I do worry about him.


  8. ianbrotherhood says:

    Clarkson, Piers Morgan, Littlejohn, Paxman etc are a godsend for us – they regularly reveal the xenophobic nature of their peers who made it into the political sphere but have to be more ‘diplomatic’. They can be 100% relied upon to antagonise – a wee bit like Jimmy Hill, whose love/hate relationship with the Scots always added a certain frisson to Auld Enemy broadcasts – they just can’t help themselves.
    Blair Jenkins could do worse than recruit the aforementioned, pay them to do a speaking-tour around Scotland – a kind of Travelling Wilburys gig – we’d clock up another few hundred Yes votes every time one of them opened his gob. 


  9. wheelingwhaup says:

    Did notice map but not Jeeza in the show. Guess he will soon be hammered back into the bit he should be in!


  10. Chic McGregor says:

    Very likely, but he could be lying on a platform :)
    However the possibility of his willy aligning with the Jutland peninsula would be an irony too far methinks (and I for one would much rather I had not methought that at all :().

    P.S. mind you that would place his ‘brain’ in Germany or possibly Belgium.


  11. BillyBigbaws says:

    I don’t usually complain about this kind of thing, if anything it is a sign that much of England already considers us independent, and all that’s needed now is for the Scots to realise it too (then sign on the dotted line). 

    But this hilarious music video about how “We Are the Brits” really exemplifies the non-existence of Scotland in the British psyche.  Check out the map at the start, and then the wartime crowd holding up their banner.  On the banner it says: “There’ll Always Be An England”.  I don’t blame the wartime crowd for this – I agree with them – but in a song about how we’re all Brits together, it is quite ironic.


  12. Clancheif says:

    We’re the brits !!!
    Gives me the shits


  13. Richie says:

    @ Billybigbaws
    That video is hilarious. I actually thought it was a pisstake until I found out what it was for.
    Liked this comment
    mtritschler 8 months ago

    This video and song was so beautiful that I cried AND pooped myself at the same time.


  14. CameronB says:

    I’m not sure if that video is a parody or not. I mean, the vocalist is of Asian extraction, yet he is supporting the occupation of Afghanistan. I recently popped in to my local Mosque and local Sikh Temple, to find out what their views are on what is happening in Syria and Baluchistan. They are not happy at all, and told me there is a growing national network of Mosques and Temples, intended to coordinate opposition to Britain’s aggressive imperialism.
    Alternatively, the vocalist is simply yet another patsi or Lord Haw-Haw. I did not find it amusing in the slightest. It made me want to evacuate from both ends at the same time.


  15. deewal says:

    Ironically the opening footage is of the Royal Scots Greys beginning their Charge at Waterloo in which they got almost totally wiped out after inflicting much damage on the French Infantry.


  16. Boorach says:

    Just enjoyed an excellent couple of minutes listening to Nicola demolish John Humphreys and the latest gov’t expert to declare Scotland will be a NEW state on independence and as such would have to renegotiate all treaties including UN membership.
    Expert was forced to agree that process likely to match SG’s timeline and left them with the thought that a ‘new state inheriting none of the perks of the uk would obviously inherit none of the debts etc.


  17. simon says:

    OT. About the Legal Avice.

    Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “For the UK government to argue that the UK will be a ‘continuing state’ and that an independent Scotland would have no rights betrays a near colonial attitude to Scotland’s position as a nation and gives lie to any suggestion that they see Scotland as an equal partner in the UK.
    “It also raises a very important question for the UK government – if they are prepared to lay claim to the assets of the UK are they also prepared to take on all of its liabilities, such as the UK national debt?”

    Any chance of some rough figures about the value of assets vs. debt? Would Scotland be better off with a proportional share of everything, or with nothing?


  18. Craig says:

    Surely that has to be a spoof!?


  19. CameronB says:

    @ Craig
    I am afraid it is more likely to be pro-occupation propaganda. For that reason alone, I am glad that Scotland is not mentioned directly (the Scots Greys and the invention of the telephone were the only references I spotted).


  20. BillyBigbaws says:

    @ CameronB,

    I probably should’ve warned when I posted it that the singer is a Scientologist. It was apparently a charity single for veterans, but it’s more likely the Church was just hopping on the Jubilympics bandwagon and the success of that “military wives choir” single to try and bring in some delusional Uber-Brit recruits. Or maybe they’re looking to recruit among damaged war vets. Scientologists’ll use any tool or form of propaganda, no matter how crude or frankly rubbish. They’re nearly always pro-war as well, though they can pretend to be anti-war if they think it will work better. Quite a creepy story behind the whole thing.


  21. muttley79 says:

    Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “For the UK government to argue that the UK will be a ‘continuing state’ and that an independent Scotland would have no rights betrays a near colonial attitude to Scotland’s position as a nation and gives lie to any suggestion that they see Scotland as an equal partner in the UK.”
    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck…


  22. Doug Daniel says:

    BillyBigbaws – it’s funny how if I replace the word “scientologist” in your comment with “unionist”, it still makes 100% sense.


  23. Doug Daniel says:

    I must admit, when I saw Nicola saying “near colonial attitude”, I was slightly worried that she’d gone a bit far. Then I read some of the report and saw that it was actually suggesting that it’s possible to view the 1707 Union as Scotland being subsumed into England, in the same way Wales was.
    Utterly contemptible.


  24. CameronB says:

    @ BillyBigBaws
    I had some fun with the scientologists not long after I had given my head a prang. My eyes were spinning just like Hammond’s were when he made his re-appearance on TV, so I though it would be a laugh to pop in to my local “temple”. They must have taken one look at me and thought, here’s another eager and willing member of the flock. Sharks round a wounded fish would be too kind. A truly creepy scene, and boy were they desperate to get my personal details. I would say they have about as much right to a high street presence as say, HSBC bank.


  25. CameronB says:

    @ Doug Daniel
    It is only contemptible if if you are not part of the English establishment. Sorry, but it had to be said sooner or later. So it is out in the open now and it has come down to “us and them”. It really is pathetic that a process which has the potential to invigorate democracy on an international scale, is being hamstrung by ingrained feudalistic tendencies that were best left behind in the middle ages.


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