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Wings Over Scotland

Death from above

Posted on March 13, 2012 by

We have a paid subscription to the Herald, but it's not working at the moment, locking us out from access. In case it's a widespread problem, we feel compelled to reprint this amazing story – which curiously didn't make the website front page today and was buried in the politics section – just to make absolutely sure that nobody misses it.


Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, in an independent Scotland, could be bombed by an English government if it was threatened by an unfriendly country, a former deputy leader of the UK Conservative Party has warned.

Lord Fraser of Carmyllie also warned that SNP policies removing nuclear forces from Scottish bases and reducing Scotland's navy "essentially" to fishery protection vessels could make Scotland a war zone. He said a country with a few fishery protection vessels was "asking to be invaded".

The former Lord Advocate and Solicitor General said he did not see who might have "evil intentions" against England but he had missed "the import of the Balkan crisis and the ramifications of 9/11" and would hesitate "to predict the crises even in the rest of the century".

He foresaw the possibility of an enemy commander ordering the runways at Scottish airports to be cleared because his planes would be landing and "if that were to happen what alternative would England have but to come and bomb the hell out of Glasgow airport and Edinburgh airport".

He suggested one solution would be to base the nuclear fleet, currently based on the Clyde, to Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands.

Ponder for a moment, readers, the media coverage if a significant SNP figure had suggested the reverse scenario. Wouldn't that be fun?

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12 to “Death from above”

  1. ghjklsdfghjkl says:

    "reducing Scotland's navy "essentially" to fishery protection vessels" Look at the defence forces of Denmark/Norway/etc.
    Given the MOD cuts, Scotland is essentially unprotected right now.

  2. Embradon says:

    Now if this had appeared on the 1st of April it would not have been a surprise. Has he any marbles left to lose?

  3. Peter A Bell says:

    With Lord Fraser of Carmyllie joining Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, Lord Caithness and, of course, Baron Foulkes of Cumnock, my entrepreneurial instincts are alert to the possibility of a small but potentially lucrative market in ermine-trimmed strait-jackets.

  4. Morag says:

    Just how sober is this guy anyway?  I remember a TV interview in relation to the Lockerbie investigation in which he said quite a few indiscreet things (such as Tony Gauci being "an apple short of a picnic"), in which his entire demeanour was, well, how can I put it, "a bit merry"?
    Why do we allow fruitbats like this to be elevated to positions of power and influence?

  5. MajorBloodnok says:

    Come English bombs and fall, Glas-gow!
    It isn’t fit for Scotsmen now,
    There isn’t oil for our cash-cow,
    Swarm over, Dave!
    apologies to JB

  6. Macart says:

    I've seen some nonsense written and published in the past 10 months by the newspapers, but that's a cracker. 

  7. douglas clark says:

    Whatever it is they are putting in that Houses of Parliament Whisky sure seems potent!

  8. peter says:

    Private Fraser says: doomed i tells ye. we're all doomed.
    for heavens sake, don't ask him about, auld empty barns!!!

  9. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Lord Fraser of Carmylie was the Advocat General involved in the prosecution of Megrahi and at the time of Willie MacRae's mysterious death was the Solicitor General who decided not to hold a Fatal Accident Enquiry, I believe.
    Just a coincidence though.

  10. Christian Wright says:

    Lord Fraser of Carmyllie will end up as Lord Fraser of Cartsairs if he carries on like this.
    As one Ronnie Smith, of Bucharest put it in the Herald

  11. douglas clark says:

    Bugger the Panda,
    Advocat General! Very witty.

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