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Positive-case-for-the-Union update #11

Posted on February 08, 2012 by

The Scottish independence campaign has been left reeling today, after two alert Wings Over Scotland readers brought our attention to the calamitous striking of a hammer blow that seems certain to all but guarantee a No vote in autumn 2014.

We don’t quite understand how persuading the English of anything is going to help, since they won’t have a vote in the referendum, but who are we to interfere in Unionist business? Rather more relevantly to the interests of this blog, the piece goes on to note that according to an unnamed “Scottish Tory spokesman”:

“We have to make a positive case for the Union.”

We couldn’t agree more. We are, as ever, all ears.

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9 to “Positive-case-for-the-Union update #11”

  1. Shodan says:

    I loved the idea of the "dream team" of Osborne and Rifkind lecturing us on the positive case for the union. I can't imagine a more gormless bunch or perfect gift to the SNP.


  2. Confucious says:

    It is true that despite all the calls for 'get it over and done with withought a debate' I have yet to hear a positive case for the Union. I have heard 'too poor, too wee etc' but as far as I can see the past thirty odd years of the union has made us worse off. nobody can predict the future but at least if you are in control of your own destiny you can only blame youself for your mistakes and revel in your own victories without giving away the benefits


  3. Morag says:

    You missed it, Rev!  HERE is the positive case for the Union.  Or it seems to be their best shot anyway.


  4. Morag says:

    Heck, sorry, I only meant to post the link!


  5. RevStu says:

    No prob, have fixed it. Also, that’s awesome. I’ve changed my mind now.


  6. Shodan says:

    I've been convinced, Morag! The veil has been torn from my eyes!


  7. Shodan says:

    Certainly a positive case for the union here:

    Note: "former BBC World News presenter and BBC News journalist", no less. It must make anyone else calling themselves a journalist feel ill to think of this woman and her work being shown to the world under the label of "journalist". She sounds like a dizzy teenager writing a report for class the night before it is to be presented. I've never seen anything so badly written and ill-informed on a major news outlet. BBC employee at one time too. I can't imagine what she would have been like with less experience and training in the past during her BBC time.
    Something you might enjoy a bit more for other reasons. General overview that's positive on the independence side and comments on the almost entirely unionist media situation:

    The unionist wall in the media is showing cracks and other opinions are coming through the propaganda shield, despite their best efforts..


  8. Angus McLellan says:

    @Shodan: Al Jazeera have a good piece by Dan Hind here:
    I can't get the image of lachrymose crocodiles dancing Busby Berkeley-style out of my head.


  9. Angus McLellan says:

    Oops. I missed off the hat-tips to Cynical Highlander who found that piece and to Tris.


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